Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich






Welcome to Megabyte Club, specialising in Minecraft holiday clubs and parties in Dulwich! 


Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich


Megabyte Club is a Minecraft Dulwich holiday club!

  • We aim to fill children’s holidays with inspiring Minecraft building challenges, to stretch children’s creativity and explore the endless possibilities of Minecraft during the Dulwich school holidays. 
  • We have a session teaching online safety each day to ensure all children are aware of safety controls and how to report inappropriate behaviour along with other safety information.
  • We encourage Minecraft team builds where children at the Dulwich holiday club learn how to play online, safely and together, respecting other children’s Minecraft  builds. Working with each other to improve Minecraft builds, strengthen building techniques and learning different effects. 
  • We care about screen time and limit it to 30 minute sessions at a time with adequate breaks in-between where we play fun games. 
  • Our Minecraft holiday club in Dulwich is a fun, creative and exciting holiday club where children play Minecraft, have fun making new friends, take part in team builds, play exciting group games and end the day in a Minecraft themed craft!

About Us

Minecraft Holiday Club


Megabyte club is run by me, Annabelle Hall! I used to run Club-Tastic art and sport holiday club, I stopped running the club after the birth of my second son. It became too much to juggle. Once my youngest turned one I realised I really missed working, and decided to start Megabyte Club, it was very popular when I ran it at Club-Tastic so I was sure it was going to be a success. I am so lucky to be able to call Megabyte Club “work” it is always so much fun!


The fantastic Will Mead an enthusiast about everything Minecraft, a Python coding expert, with a degree in Physics and luckily for us Will was our tutor this summer. Will was so brilliant this summer that Will is now our Manager!



The brilliant Hira Ikram was also our Minecraft tutor this summer, a Minecraft enthusiast, experienced tutor and holds a degree in Biomedical Science. Hira is now back at Uni studying medicine and we hope she will be back during Easter and Summer 2020! 



All staff are Enhanced DBS checked, insured and with a first aider on site at all times!


Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich

Dates : (You can book one day or more it is up to you)

Dulwich Dates Wimbledon Dates 

February Half Term

Monday 17th February

Tuesday 18th February 

February Half Term

Wednesday 19th February



Monday 30th March

Tuesday 31st March

Monday 6th April 

Tuesday 7th April 

Tuesday 14th April 

Wednesday 15th April 



Wednesday 1st April 

Wednesday 8th April 

Thursday 9th April 


Tuesday 26th May

Wednesday 27th May


Thursday 29th May


Monday 6th July

Monday 13th July

Monday 20th July

Monday 27th July

Tuesday 28th July

Monday 3rd August

Tuesday 4th August

Monday 10th August

Tuesday 11th August

Monday 17th August

Tuesday 18th August



Wednesday 15th July

Wednesday 22nd July

Wednesday 29th July

Thursday 30th July

Wednesday 5th August

Thursday 6th August

Wednesday 12th August

Thursday 13th August

Wednesday 19th August

Thursday 20th August


Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich

Times and Prices:

Full Day:  09.00-16.00 £50 

Extended Hours: Only available Easter and Summer at Dulwich Prep London 08.30-09.00 £5 / 16.00-18.00 £10 

New Loyalty Scheme:

Loyalty Points: 10 points = 1 full day

One full day booked = 1 point  

Once you have 10 points you can redeem it for a full day!

We have 10 Fire 7’s tablets available to hire for the day for £12

Sibling Discount: 25% first sibling and then 50% for any additional siblings 

Ratio: 1:10

For: 7-12 year olds

At: Dulwich

Dulwich Prep London, 42 Alleyn Park, Dulwich, London SE21 7AA


Wimbledon College, Edge Hill, Wimbledon, London, SW19 4NS

Please provide the following:
  • healthy snacks (for before and after lunch and for late stays until 6pm)
  • lunch (without NUTS)
  • water bottle
  • coat
  • sun cream (weather permitting)
Please make sure your tablet is: (please ignore if you are hiring our tablet)
  • full charged
  • unlocked so your child can get into the tablet
  • able to use the internet to use Scratch.mit.edu website
  • has Minecraft pocket edition downloaded already
  • has a xbox live account to sign in to Minecraft (this is a Microsoft email account) 

Age groups are split:
6-8 year olds,
9-10 year olds
and 11-12 year olds 

(If friends or siblings from different age groups want to stay together they can)

Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Megabyte Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich


Minecraft requirements:

  • each child will need to bring their own tablet with the Minecraft app on and log in details or hire one of the clubs tablets. 
  • the tablet needs to be fully charged (with a charger to be used on the day)
  • Minecraft login details via xbox live to be able to play online with group realms (Please check parental controls on the iPad/tablet to make sure your child’s iPad/tablet is allowed to play on realms)
  • a love of Minecraft 


Minecraft days: 

  • Through out the sessions we will be creating our own village, learning and strengthening our skills with building, planting and hearding. 
  • We will also be set individual challenges to help build on our skills. 

Each day is themed and we split the days into:

  • 30minute build challenges

  • Big build individual mode  (1 hour idea split into two 30 minute sessions)

  • Online safety talk

  • Joint realm build (1 hour idea split into two 30 minute sessions)

  • Free play Minecraft session 30 minutes (at the end of the day)

  • Minecraft craft session or coding session using website https://scratch.mit.edu/ (the children make their choice on the day)

  • Fun games in-between 

  • Each minecraft session runs 30 minutes maximum to ensure that screen time is used safely with adequate breaks in-between.



Anna at Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Anna at Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Will at Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich
Will at Minecraft Holiday Club Dulwich










Contact The Megabyte Team

Call: 07570029140

Email: info@megabyteclub.co.uk

Insta @megabyte_club


Facebook @megabyteclubdulwich