I acknowledge the contagious nature of Coronavirus and that the latest government guidance recommends practising social distancing and a range of other protective measures.

I recognise that Megabyte Club has put in place a series of protective measures to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission within the setting, but I accept that Megabyte Club cannot guarantee that my child will not be exposed to Coronavirus whilst attending the club.

I understand that I must follow the procedures set out by Megabyte Club when dropping off and collecting my child from the setting.

  • We will be implementing the following procedures:
  • Megabyte club will be using a separate entrance and space in the school to any other club.
  • Parents and children will be asked to stand apart from other households
  • We will not require parents to sign in, staff will sign children in and out in the presence of parents
  • Drop off time is between 8.50-9.20 and collection 15.30-16.10 to reduce the risk of large numbers of people congregating in the playground
  • Children will be given hand sanitiser before entering the building
  • Families will be asked in the morning to confirm their health


If any of the above circumstances change, I will not bring my child into the club and will notify the club staff immediately.