Dates : (You can book one day or more it is up to you)

October Half Term

21st-22nd October 

28th -29th October 


February Half Term

17th -18th February



30th-31st April

6th-7th April 

14th – 15th April


May Half Term 

26th – 27th May



6th July

13th July

20th July

27th-28th July

3rd-4th August

10th– 11th August

17th-18th August

24th– 25th August

1st -2nd September


Full Day:  09.00-16.00 £50 

We now have ten Fire 7’s tablets available to hire for the day for £12.

Sibling Discount: 25% first sibling and then 50% for any additional siblings 

Ratio: 1:10

For: 6-12 year olds

At: Dulwich Prep London, 42 Alleyn Park, Dulwich, London SE21 7AA

Please provide the following:
  • healthy snacks for before and after lunch
  • lunch (without NUTS)
  • water bottle
  • coat
  • sun cream (weather permitting)
Please make sure your tablet is:
  • full charged
  • unlocked so your child can get into the tablet
  • has Minecraft downloaded already
  • has a xbox live account to sign in to Minecraft 

Age groups are split:
6-8 year olds,
9-10 year olds
and 11-12 year olds 

(If friends or siblings from different age groups wish to stay together they may)

Minecraft requirements:

  • each child will need to bring their own tablet with the minecraft app on and log in details or hire one of the clubs tablets. 
  • the tablet needs to be fully charged with a charger
  • minecraft login details via xbox live to be able to play online with group realms 
  • a love of mine craft 


Minecraft days: 

  • Through out the sessions we will be creating our own village, learning and strengthening our skills with building, planting and hearding. 
  • We will also be set individual challenges to help build on our skills. 
  • Each day is themed and we split the days into:
  • 30minute build challenge

  • Big build individual mode  (1 hour idea split into two 30 minute sessions)


    Online safety talk

  • Joint realm build (1 hour idea split into two 30 minute sessions)


    free play Minecraft session 30 minutes (at the end of the day)


    Minecraft craft session

  • fun games in-between 


    Each minecraft session runs 30 minutes maximum to ensure that screen time is used safely with adequate breaks in-between.