Full Day:  09.00-16.00 £50 

Half Day: 09.00-12.00 OR 13.00-16.00 £30 

(Half days only available at JAGS)

Extended Hours: 16.00-18.00 £10 Unfortunately only available at Dulwich Prep London

Dulwich Prep London Extended Hours:

Late Stay & Tea Time Club– DPL will manage children that are booked to stay after 4pm from Megabyte Club.  

Children will need to be collected by 5pm for Late Stay. 

All children booked into Tea Time Club will need to be collected by 6pm from the Pre Prep Hall (which will be sign posted).  At the tea time club children will be given a healthy snack provided by DPL.  

Megabyte will share the child’s name, medical information and parents contact details with DPL. 

16.00-17.00 £4

1600-18.00 £10

Sibling Discount: 25% first sibling and then 50% for any additional siblings 

Ratio: 1:10

For: 6-12 year olds


James Allen’s Preparatory School, 144 East Dulwich Grove, London, SE22 8TE

Dulwich Prep London, 42 Alleyn Park, London, SE21 7AA

The Scout Hut, 212 Bellenden Rd, London, SE15 4BY

Please provide the following:
  • healthy snacks for before and after lunch
  • lunch (without NUTS)
  • water bottle
  • coat
  • sun cream (weather permitting)
Please make sure your tablet is:
  • full charged
  • unlocked so your child can get into the tablet
  • has Minecraft downloaded already
  • has a xbox live account to sign in to Minecraft 

Age groups are split:
6-8 year olds,
9-10 year olds
and 11-12 year olds 

(If friends or siblings from different age groups wish to stay together they may)


Dates : (You can book one day or more it is up to you)

Summer :
Monday 15th July  At Dulwich Prep London
Tuesday 16th July At Dulwich Prep London

Monday 22nd July  At Dulwich Prep London
Tuesday 23rd July At Dulwich Prep London

Monday 29th July  At JAGS
Tuesday 30th July At JAGS

Monday 12th August   At JAGS
Tuesday 13th August  At JAGS
Monday 5th August  At Dulwich Prep London
Tuesday 6th August At Dulwich Prep London

Monday 19th August At Dulwich Prep London
Tuesday 20th August At Dulwich Prep London

Wednesday 28th August At Scout Hut on Bellenden Road
Thursday 29th August At Scout Hut on Bellenden Road

Monday 2nd September At Scout Hut on Bellended Road
Tuesday 3rd September At Scout Hut on Bellended Road (only until 3pm)

Minecraft requirements:

  • each child will need to bring their own tablet with the minecraft app on and log in details
  • the tablet needs to be fully charged 
  • minecraft login details via xbox live to be able to play online with group realms 
  • a love of mine craft 


Minecraft days: 

  • Through out the sessions we will be creating our own village, learning and strengthening our skills with building, planting and hearding. 
  • We will also be set individual challenges to help build on our skills. 
  • We will split the days into:
  • 1.  tablet sessions online playing together and practical creating 3D minecraft inspired objects and playing fun games for example pixel art images and much more. 
  • 2. Fun sporty games 
  • 3. Minecraft themed craft activity 
  • Each session will be different and the group will decide which aspects of the games they will create and build together. 
  • We will have breaks every 30 mins and an hour break for lunch. 
  • We care about screen time too so we will have active games during the breaks outside with plenty of sports equipment to play with!