Minecraft Parties!


Minecraft Parties Dulwich and Wimbledon
Minecraft Parties Dulwich and Wimbledon
Minecraft Parties Dulwich and Wimbledon
Minecraft Parties Dulwich and Wimbledon









We run exciting birthday parties for children age 6-12 year olds.


Duration of party:

We suggest a two hour party.

What we provide:

We provide one minecraft team member. 

We provide tablets with minecraft ready to play. 

(If a child wishes to bring their own iPad/tablet that is fine)

We provide a fun minecraft theme craft activity such as minecraft foam swords, creeper boxes or minecraft themed Rubik’s cubes, or minecraft themed cookies.

What we need:

Good reliable wifi 

Groups of Ten-Twenty excited children!

We run for a minimum of 10 children. 

No prior knowledge of minecraft is needed (so children can attend even if they have not played minecraft before.)

A Typical party:


15mins: before we set up the space with minecraft decorations.

The party based on two hours”

10mins: We start with a minecraft fun quiz while we wait for the group to arrive 

10mins: We explain the theme (chosen by the birthday child) and assign a 30 minute creative building challenge.

30mins: Build challenge

20mins: Break for food 

5mins: Talk about group build, building tips, online safety and rules of building in a group.

30 mins: Group Build challenge on the same realm

15mins: Minecraft Craft activity 

10 mins: Cake, Minecraft party bags  home 



£199 includes 1.5 hours including minecraft crafts. 

£249 for 2 hour party, including minecraft crafts. 



If you would like a longer duration please let me know.

Party Bags: £3.50 each, (includes 4 items which can will be chosen when booking)

Minecraft Cakes Starting from £160

To book a party please email info@megabyteclub.co.uk